“The astral system of a human being, with six (twelve by polarity) inner constellations revolving around the sun of the omniscient spiritual eye, is interrelated with the physical sun and the twelve zodiac signs. All men are thus affected by an inner and an outer universe.”
Autobiography of a Yogi


This exhibition “The Longest Light” looks at the summer solstice. My artistic interest lies in the connection between the human body and the heavenly bodies.


Celestial phenomena shape our lives quietly, subtly, constantly and even dramatically. The familiar rhythms of day and night, the change of seasons, the solstices each are governed by movements of the heavens. The rotation of the earth and its tilt and the earth’s orbit around the sun—these predictable events are woven minute by minute into the fabric of our days. The moon, the stars, the sun as constants above us affect the shifting of tides as surely as they influence the coursing of blood through our veins.

Anne Scheid (2014)