Final Statement

Here among women, I search.

The masculine acts. His landscape is external. Actions performed in a solid world ordered, and predictable. The feminine feels. Her landscape is internal. The interior is inside out, wet, and oblique. Here lies my interest in the dark, divining self.

A triangular scenario parallels life but transcends particulars. Three female figures, sharing ambiguous space, move in relationship to one another, symbolizing the structures of the human psyche.

The triangle:

Female Body/top.  Experienced and unpredictable, she is a fighter; change and uncertainty are her companions. Her form is rarely defined. She is one with darkness and shadow. Barely visible, she stands somewhere else, looking back at us. Traveling to times past and forward to times future she is an unbound creature. She is nonlocal mind.

Female Body/bottom right.   She, in her floor length robe, stands solidly on two feet. Where is she from? Her gestures are singular in their grace and beauty; her outlines dissolve. Perhaps she is not of this world. Generous is her reach; her hands reveal her intent. She is the spirit.

Female Body/bottom left.  Unclothed female, she is physical, living in the fabric of time. She embodies the potential of human nature: struggle, suffering, deterioration, and death. Vulnerable, she relates mostly to herself. Her gestures towards others are moments of enlightenment. She is flesh.

Anne Scheid (2000)