“In spiritual writings Wilderness is often used allegorically to describe inner silence. It refers to the hard won meditative state where outside distractions have been stilled. It is a place of quiet and communion.”

Bhagavad Gita

On these ink-filled pages the white areas of the paper, normally called negative shapes, represent the calm; while the dark areas, the active.   These drawings in their totality represent the dualistic aspect of life: calm and active, busy and still, quiet and loud. The equilibrium, the quantity of black compared to the quantity of white, can vary. Sometimes the black, the active, dominates the image, while at other times the white quietly holds the composition. Pictured together they depict the whole, life’s fabric, choices and actions vary the balance.
Statement 2017   

Wilderness Book

Ink on paper, open book size: 5.5” x 7”, 2014 – 2016